Return of the Shattered Constellation – Chapter 4


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    Proofreader – Kshn

    — — —

    Chapter 4: Regression of the Constellation (2)

    For humans, the dungeons were like a natural disaster. But, similarly, it was also a door to new opportunities.

    And it was the same for gods and constellations too.

    Thanks to the dungeons, they were able to test the potential of humans. Should they meet the requirements, these humans would go on to become priests or priestesses that would spread their gospel.

    And to set a proper hierarchy, they’d sometimes select an Apostle to execute their will as well!

    Alas, there were many who entered the dungeons with hopes of getting recognised by the gods and constellations, craving for their blessings, just to die under the indifference of the so-called Gods.

    For those who have already seen the world and the universe at large, a mere mortal who would eventually perish was worth nothing in their eyes.

    As such, only a small number of people would pass, whether it be through luck or fate.

    But there was another way…

    And that was…to demonstrate overwhelming talent.

    Changseon was confident that any god who was interested in him would have this train of thought.

    They’d never expect it, that ‘Twilight of the Gods’ – a being that once threatened their lives – would appear as a drunkard.

    Even in the eyes of those who see the traits and characteristics of the soul rather than the physical appearance that can be changed at any time, the current Changseon will be seen as completely different from ‘Twilight of the Gods’.

    He looked at the lines of information that filled the center of his retina.

    He stared at it quietly.

    ‘A Good Season To Hunt…’

    This is good enough for a rookie who’d just drawn the attention of his first god.’

    ‘No, in hindsight, it’s a jackpot.’

    Her real name was Pa-Bil-Sag. Sword, Spear, Bow, Fist… a very famous war god known for hunting using various tools.

    However, the real reason why Changseon considered this to be a win was because of her mother, Tiamat, ‘The Primordial Evil Dragon’.

    ‘Who’d have guessed that such a big shot would show interest in me so early into the game?’

    ‘I guess she liked my dagger techniques.’

    The dagger is one of the most basic things one had to utilize while hunting; she was probably just interested because she was bored.

    Since she has an unstable personality with a lot of ups and downs, if one doesn’t meet her standards, They’ll fall apart soon.

    Of course, Changseon was confident that it wouldn’t happen.

    [Divine being, ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ is curious about the hunting techniques you might show her.]

    “I’ll live up to your expectations.”

    From this moment on, Changseon would become the puppetmaster of these gods.

    — — —

    ‘The first section of this forest is filled with poison. Most of the monsters residing here must be poisonous as well. Should we go with… Plan C, then?’

    Changseon had different plans depending on the type and difficulty of the instant dungeons he’d fall into.

    He was in a state where he had a detailed basic plan for what to do in every situation.

    And for this scenario, he intended to go with a “hunter” concept.

    A hunter who specializes in snake hunting.

    Kaa! Kyaaa!

    The number of Black Mambas attacking Changseon kept increasing as he moved towards the center of the forest.

    Ordinary people had a handicap because of their fear of them, but to Changseon, they were nothing more than delicious EXP.

    Shing! Swish!

    [Skill: Low-Grade Dagger Technique

    Description: It helps beginners to freely handle the dagger.

    • Skill Level: 1
    • Type: Basic Passive Skill.
    • Effect: Skill Acquisition.]

    Obviously, the skill he just used was a basic skill that all beginners entering the dungeon had. What’s more, his dagger was so rusted that he began to wonder if he could even cut anything with it.

    Still, every time the dagger was swung, the Black Mamba’s mutilated corpse fell off.

    [You succeeded in defeating the ‘Black Mamba’ by using ‘Skill: Low-Grade Dagger Technique’!]

    [Experience has been acquired.]

    [You succeeded in defeating the ‘Black Mamba’ by using ‘Skill: Low-Grade Dagger Technique’!]

    [Experience has been acquired.]

    [Level Up!]

    [Level Up!]

    Both his levels and stats rose at a steady pace.

    [Your senses are getting sharper!]

    [Focus will be increased in combat state!]

    [You are exterminating the ‘Black Mamba’ that dominated the first section of ‘Rosewood Forest’ at a fast pace!]

    [‘Black Mamba’ instinctively begins to realize you as their natural enemy.]

    [Successful in making ‘Black Mamba’ fear you.]

    [Title ‘Black Mamba’s Slaughterer’ has been created!]

    [Skill: Black Mamba’s Slaughterer

    Description: A title given to hunters who have defeated 100 or more Black Mambas.

    • Type: Title.
    • Effect: Strength +5. Stimulate fear in snake-like creatures.]

    “Yes, this is it.”

    Kill and kill again

    Swing and swing again.

    Even though it was difficult to breathe, Changseon was thrilled with the freedom he felt after a long time.

    This thrill, this bliss… could these sensations ever be enjoyed without a battlefield?

    Back when he first landed on Arcadia, this feeling terrified him, but at the same time, it was euphoric.

    After having been put on trial, he was restrained, and brought under divine punishment. He’d lost his freedom.

    He was a madman who lived to fight.

    That’s why they imprisoned him, caging him for the reason saying that he might bring harm to the world.

    Nothing but cowardly excuses.

    They were just afraid, afraid of having a b*****d that was once a mere mortal standing so far above their heads.

    Changseon didn’t even had any thoughts of doing these things in the first place.

    ‘But if that’s what you’re afraid of, then that’s what you’ll get.’



    [‘Skill: Low-Grade Dagger Technique has reached the highest level. The higher level skill will be awarded.]

    [Skill: Intermediate-Grade Dagger Technique has been acquired!]

    [Divine Being, ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ exclaims admiration for your excellent dagger techniques.]

    ‘If you’re already surprised, then….’

    Changseon didn’t stop there.

    [Your stamina has been depleted!]

    [You are exhausted. Please move to a safe zone and rest.]

    [‘Authority: Soul Extortion’ has been activated!] 

    [The Flames of Purgatory have been activated and you have successfully obtained the ashes of ‘Black Mamba’.]

    [Your stamina has been restored by 5%.]

    [You are no longer in a state of exhaustion.]

    Since his body was weak due to alcoholism, his stamina was quickly depleted.

    But on each of these occasions, Changseon made good use of the gift that Thanatos had given him.

    A black haze rose over from the black mamba’s carcass, it was completely absorbed by the changseon. At the same time, his fatigue was washed away like water.

    [Divine Being, ‘A Good Season To Hunt’ tilts her head in confusion as she fails to identify what category your ability falls under.]

    Each time he did so, “A Good Season To Hunt” would throw question marks.

    She’d never even considered that this novice who’d just entered his first dungeon had obtained the blessing of the Great King of the Underworld.

    It was clear that she regarded his authority as an ‘ability’ or an ‘attribute’ that players gain when they first awakened.

    ‘From her point of view, it should be an energy drain skill with death or dark attributes.’

    By human standards, the gods and constellations would appear omnipotent, but Changseon knew very well that they were not.

    ‘The principle of causality is that great.’

    ‘So it’s hard to look into the player’s data in detail, unless big players like the 12 Zodiac Signs or the 3 Enclosures and 28 Mansions13 Enclosure and 28 Mansions is a Chinese constellation system. come forward.’

    Of course, it’s not like there was no way to peek into the player’s data. If they were to pay the appropriate price, or if the group they belonged to could tolerate the side effects, it may be sufficient to bypass the causality principle.

    ‘But doing that just to read a novice’s data? That’s crazy.’

    And even if that happened, Changseon wasn’t all that worried.

    After all, the shield that the Great King of the Underworld had given him was quite sturdy.

    ‘Otherwise, the gods would have already discovered what’s written on my status window…’



    At that moment, the head of the last Black Mamba flew into the air.

    Green blood was spilled on the floor and melted the ground, as a strong acidic scent rose with the wind.


    And just like before, a black haze rose over its body as proof of [Soul Extortion]’s activation.

    [Successfully defeated the last ‘Black Mamba’.]

    [Level up!]

    [Achievement Received!]

    [The Snake Hunter who hunted 444 Black Mambas.]


    • Strength stat +5.
    • Low-grade Poison Resistance.]



    Changseon opened the status window upon hearing the pleasant notification.

    “Open Status Window.”

    [Name: Lee Changseon

    Divine Name: Twilight of the Gods (Unusable)

    Title: Black Mamba Slaughterer 

    Affiliation: Underworld

    Level: 6

    • Strength: 14.2 (+10) 
    • Agility: 16.2 (+10)
    • Stamina: 13.9 (+10) 
    • Magic power: 0 (+10)

    Skills Possessed: 

    • Intermediate-Grade Dagger technique Lv.3

    Effects possessed 

    • Low-Grade Poison Resistance Lv.1 (New!)

    Authority possessed 

    • Soul Extortion Lv.1
    • Executioner’s Blade Lv.1

    Special Note: Currently, one god is curious about you. Show a more bigger performance to win her favor

    Additional stats: 35]

    ‘Level, stats, skills… … Everything is steadily rising. Pa-Bil-Sag’s Curiosity has also increased to being Interested. Excellent.’

    ‘Five additional stats are given upon each level up. And since I’ve been collecting them at a steady pace, I can use it as a workaround whenever something unexpected occurs.’

    However, the thing that caught Changseon’s eyes the most was his magic power stat. It was displayed as ‘0’, despite it actually being 5 due to his achievements.

    ‘If you have magic power, you can use skills in earnest. Plus, there’s a large difference between someone that applies magic on their weapons as opposed to those who don’t.’

    Until now, he had deliberately overworked himself to wash off the effects of alcohol from his body. But since he now had magic, he didn’t have to push himself as hard. What’s more, this should help him level up even faster.

    ‘Now that I’ve killed all the Black Mamba, the next is… Red Mamba and Bloody Mamba, eh?’

    Even the Black Mambas are so venomous that one bite could kill you in less than 5 minutes. However, the Red Mambas are even more poisonous than that. You could get poisoned just by being exposed to it.

    Even if it’s low-grade, it’ll be easy for him to hold on because of [Poison Resistance].

    That’s why Changseon checked his status window before moving deeper into the forest.

    ‘And I must hunt the Bloody Mamba, regardless of what it costs.’

    Bloody Mambas are classified as boss mobs that control mamba-type monsters.

    It was nothing short of absurd for a novice that wasn’t even level 10 to try hunting such a monster, and yet Changseon aimed to take it down in a solo raid.

    This was a golden opportunity to win the gods’ attention, and its corpse was a material that could be used to create all sorts of Artifacts.

    But above all else…

    ‘Bloody Mamba’s fang… is the only shortcut to [Poison Immunity].’

    The reason ‘Twilight of the Gods’ was defeated in the war wasn’t because he was outnumbered but because he was helplessly incapacitated by curses and poison.

    ‘The curse of Gaea2Gaea is also known as Gaia… I need those poisonous fangs to overcome it.’ 

    Changseon was about to move on to the next section while organizing his mind.




    [‘Rusty Dagger for Beginners’ durability has been depleted and has been destroyed!]

    The dagger in his hand shattered and scattered into powder.

    ‘To be fair, the fact that it’s endured this much was already a blessing in and of itself…’

    It was quite fortunate that it didn’t break in the middle of the battle.

    Changseon opened his inventory to see if there were any dropped items that could replace it. Then, suddenly, he felt something dropping from the sky, as he lifted his head up to look.

    [Divine Being, ‘A Good Season To Hunt’ sends a present to you, who entertained her!]



    A slightly curved machete (Jungle Machete) fell in front of Changseon’s feet.

    A dagger with a blade length of about 18 inches (about 46 centimeters). Even with its hard material and a small handle, it didn’t look like something that anyone would just hand to a beginner.

    The moment he saw the ‘thing’ embedded in the center of the blade, Changseon’s eyes shone sharply.

    ‘Dragon scale patterns…? Doesn’t that mean it’s a weapon from Tiamat? Why is she suddenly handing this to me as a gift?’

    Changseon knew all too well that there is no such thing as an unpaid favor in this world, let alone a favor given by the daughter of the ‘The Primordial Evil Dragon’.

    And sure enough…

    [Divine Being, ‘A Good Season To Hunt’ offers you this gift with a bet!]

    [If you fail, the ‘A Good Season To Hunt’ will kill you for wasting her time.]

    — — —

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