Scamming the School Flower at the Start – Chapter 1


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    Chapter 1: Rebirth

    “I regressed?”

    Su Zhe looked at everything around him with a hint of shock and surprise on his face.

    That’s right! Su Zhe had regressed; he regressed from 2022 to 2013, right at the cusp of the time when the internet would run wild.

    The 4G era stood at their doorstep.

    With the advent of 4G, users of desktop internet will shift to mobile internet, and the e-commerce wars of yesteryear will soon come to an end as everyone prepares for the revolution.

    Over the next few years, China will usher into a period of rapid development.

    Major short video websites like Douyin and Kuaishou will come into being, and so will major live broadcasting platforms — they will pop up one after another!

    Some of them will rake in billions, while others will rot and perish.

    In addition, there will be many other industries closely related to mobile internet, and Su Zhe, who held knowledge of the future could be said to be like a fish in the ocean.

    ‘With that said, however, I still need to somehow get my first pot of gold. After all, I am a high school student right now!’

    Su Zhe held his chin in thought.

    No matter how much knowledge about the future he held, it would all be useless if he didn’t have any funds to kick-start his ventures.

    Right now, it was 10 PM on October 9th and the Golden Week of the 11th was just two days away. Of course, as a senior in high school, he could forget about getting a week-long vacation — at most, he would get three days off.

    ‘Ugh! If I knew I would regress back to the beginning of October in 2013, I would have memorized a bunch of winning lottery tickets.’

    Su Zhe greedily thought.

    Of course, it was a fleeting thought.

    ‘Forget it, I should go to bed! I still have class tomorrow.’

    After thinking about it for a good while, Su Zhe decided to give up on the brain-consuming nonsense for now; he would take his time to rake in the cash!

    With that thought in mind, Su Zhe took off his clothes and went to bed to sleep like a log.


    The next morning, Su Zhe woke up early.

    After eating the breakfast prepared by his mother, Qin Qingqing, he picked up his school bag and rode his bicycle to Hangzhou 1st High.

    Hangzhou 1st High was one of the key high schools in Hangzhou city — it could even be considered one of the top five high schools in the city. Of course, it couldn’t compare to Hangzhou 2nd High since Hangzhou 2nd High was one of the top ten high schools in the country.

    Hangzhou 2nd High was the number one school in Hangzhou City — Zhejiang Province, even.

    Su Zhe rode his bicycle for twenty minutes and finally arrived at the gates of Hangzhou 1st High.

    ‘Hangzhou 1st High…I never expected I would return here after eight years of absence.’

    Su Zhe couldn’t help but smile as he watched the students enter and leave through the school’s gates.

    After that, he got off the bicycle and pushed it inside the school’s premises since it was forbidden to ride your bicycle inside the school premises to prevent unnecessary collisions.

    Class 4 of Year 3, that was Su Zhe’s classroom.

    The senior year had a total of twenty classes in total, and among them, five were for liberal arts, and the other fifteen were for the science group.

    Class 20 of Year 3 was the only key class for the liberal group, as for the rest, they didn’t matter all that much. As for the science group, Class 1 to Class 3 were the key classes; Class 1 held the elite of the elite, Class 2 held the elites, and Class 3 held those right behind the elites. As for the classes after that — Class 4 to Class 15 — they belonged to the normies and didn’t have much difference in the capabilities of their students.

    There weren’t many people around in Su Zhe’s class since he came in early, but Su Zhe still couldn’t help but feel emotions fill his heart when he saw them again after such a long time.

    After graduating from high school, the only time all of them gathered together was during the graduation ceremony, and that one class reunion they held in 2017, three years after their graduation. Beyond that, all of them were mostly out of touch.

    The only one he kept in contact with was… his deskmate.

    The girl of his dreams, the school flower of Hangzhou 1st High: ‘Ye Mengyao!’

    Ye Mengyao truly deserved her title of Hangzhou 1st High’s school flower; even with Su Zhe’s knowledge of the future, he didn’t know anyone that could outdo her as a school flower.

    As someone who had regressed from the future, Su Zhe had seen far too many school beauties — especially with the internet making it possible for everyone and their dogs to put themselves out for the world to see, be they from high schools or universities — but none of them could compare to Ye Mengyao.

    Be it their appearance, height, or figure, they were all beaten down by Ye Mengyao’s beauty; Ye Mengyao was like a fairy even when put among a group of celebrities — she was a peerless beauty!

    There was so much about her that no one could match up to.

    Thinking of Ye Mengyao, Su Zhe suddenly remembered something.

    This hot school flower seemed to be a rich little beauty if he didn’t remember wrong. He still held vague memories of Ye Mengyao’s best friend revealing in the school group, at one point, that Ye Mengyao was a millionaire high-schooler.

    Well, that wasn’t the important point! The important point was that after Ye Mengyao went to university, her roommate scammed her of her million-Yuan savings.

    It appeared that Great Lady Ye trusted her friends too much and so, she held nothing from her roommate. In the end, her roommate scammed her of all her savings.

    Of course, the one million got itself recovered one way or another. After all, someone who could have a million in savings in high school definitely couldn’t come from an ordinary background.

    As for the ending of that roommate? Although nothing was made public, everyone could guess.

    She scammed over a million!

    Getting invited to a rent-free apartment with free meals paid for by the government for a few years would be the minimum penalty for such a fraud.

    ‘Perhaps, I can do something with this knowledge.’

    Su Zhe touched his chin and thought.

    — — —

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